What clothes will be useful?

If it’s not your first kitesurfing trip you probably know very well what to bring and, most importantly, what not to bring because it’s totally useless. Here are some tips for the less experienced and indecisive!

  1. Remember that if you are coming in June, July or August you’ll experience temperatures above 25°C and virtually no rain! High temperatures continue until mid-September. Don’t bring excess jackets, jumpers and sweatshirts. If it’s chilly in your origin country then wear a sweatshirt to board the plane – this will do just fine.
  2. Take light, breathable clothes in bright colours – thin T-shirts, shirts, dresses. You’ll also need a sun hat or a cap.
  3. If you don’t plan to climb Etna then you can wear flip-flops the entire trip – don’t take extra shoes.
  4. Take sunglasses that you won’t regret losing. A neck holder for sunglasses will also come in handy – it can be the cheapest one from Decathlon or even DIY one made from a piece of string – it doesn’t really make a difference.
  5. Sunscreen in Italy is quite expensive. It can cost €10 a tube – if it’s cheaper in your contry then we’d advise buying it there.
  6. Leggings, lycra or short wetsuit. They provide effective protection from the sun and from possible skin irritation from algae, which we wrote about here.
  7. For your electronic devices take a power outlet distributor and an adapter, as your chargers might not fit here.
  8. Flats, hotels and houses are always equipped with towels and hairdryers. You don’t have to take yours.

Anything you might be missing can surely be purchased here.

A seasoned kitesurfer merely brings flip-flops, sunglasses, board shorts and gear – you’ll reach that conclusion yourself in time!

If you need more advice before you go on your Sicilian holiday, feel free to contact us! We have been living on this beautiful island for years and we are happy to share our experiences.
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